design portfolio of eugenia perez

Guiding Principles

Graphic design is not just a passion for me it is my purpose. As a designer I love to experiment with typography, color, illustration and photography. I believe that thorough process and research will elevate your design solution to a level of high quality.

My Guiding Principles of Design 


Through thorough research and process, my design aims at solving wicked problems through unique human- centered products and services.



Designers are meaning makers. Every shape, every color and every word carries weight and impact that translates in culture through thoughts and actions of people. My mission is to use this power consciously for the improvement of societies in order for people’s needs to be met on a local level. 

Social Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the designer to place the user in the center of the creative process. A big part of my creative process is research through ethnography in order to gather primary data about the target audience. Interviewing, surveying, observing and affinitizing are only a few components of the extensive fabric that make up the research and ideation process. You are able to see examples of this process through my work in examples such as Central of Georgia Experiential Design and The Local Culture of Biohacking.

Placing Context and People First

Context involves all the components that forms a setting, an event and/or an idea. Analyzing the contexts that surround people and their environments allows for a better understanding of human behaviors. As a designer this aspect is vital for my research to identify opportunities for problem solving. To be a designer is to be human and to be in a constant state of sensorial awareness.